• If you are planning a project the team at Western Bay Hire would love to talk to you about how they can help with equipment hire or advice. They have 12 years experience in the industry and can help you get that job done faster, more easily and with a better result.

  • Spring Projects

    Creating a stone path is a terrific way of enhancing your property and a properly laid path is an attractive, practical and easy-to-maintain addition to any garden.

    Tools: Tape measure; garden hose; mattock; shovel; rake; wheel barrow; sledge hammer; bolster; stakes; plate compactor; safety glasses.

    Talk to us, we can supply the items you need.

  • Summer Projects

    If you’re looking for an eye-catching addition to your backyard that can give you maximum usability all year long, consider a gazebo or pergola, most can be built in a single weekend.

    Tools: Tape measure; Spirit Level; Compound Mitre Saw; Screw Gun; Ladder.

    Contact us, we can supply all the equipment you need so that you can celebrate your achievement with your friends and family.

  • Autumn Projects

    The start of Autumn is an ideal time to decorate and paint your house using either water based (acrylic) or solvent-based (enamel) paint.

    Tools: Trestles and plank, give a good elevated platform. A Wallpaper Steamer helps lift wallpaper, whilst an Airless Sprayer is ideal for roofs, fences, trellis and general house painting.

    All can be hired here at Western Bay Hire.

  • Winter Projects

    Homes with water features are admired by many and offer an alluring blend of beauty and serenity. Building your own water feature, such as a fish pond, will make your garden come alive with the soothing sounds of water in motion.

    Tools: Hire a digger from us, it will make light work of earthmoving. You'll also need a Wheelbarrow, Rake and Spirit Level.

    Don't forget the Pond liner, plants and fish. Add water and enjoy...