Painting & Decorating

  • Airless Sprayer

    Ideal for roofs, fences, trellis and general house painting.

  • Ladder - Step (8')

    2.4 metres. General purpose ladder.

  • Ladder - Step (12')

    3.6 metres. Larger general purpose ladder.

  • Ladder - Extension (to 30')

    Extends up to 10 Metres.

  • Planks - 3 metres

    Used as platforms on painters trestles & scaffolding.

  • Scaffold Tower - 2 metres

    Modular scaffold tower, light weight and manoverable. Great for lower reach access jobs.

  • Scaffold Tower - 4 metres

    Modular scaffold tower, manoverable and light weight. With solid and large working platform.

  • Super Trestle

    A very quick access solution, great working platform for internal uses like painting and decorating

  • Trestle (6' to 14')

    1/8 to 4.2 metres, great working platform.

  • Trestle / Plank Combo

    2 x Trestles + 1 Plank. Trestles and plank, are quick and easy to set up, giving a good elevated platform to work off for a large number of small jobs like painting and cleaning.

  • Wall Paper Steamer

    Helps lift wallpaper, heats glue so paper can be moved with scraper.

  • Paper Tiger

    Scoring tool for wallpaper removal.