Hoists & Jacks

  • Bottle Jack - 10 Ton

    Portable lift moves up to 10ton, designed for construction and engineering applications.

  • Chain Block - 1/2 & 1 Ton

    Block & Tackle - Vertical hoist that can lift up to 1ton.

  • Pallet Truck - 1 Ton

    A manual hydraulic jack which is used to lift and move pallets up to 1 ton in weight across an even surface.

  • Piano Trolley

    Small and portable, this trolley is specifically designed to move and steer large objects across an even surface.

  • Pull Lift

    When anchored to a large immovable object this can be used to pull other objects in along laterally, e.g. to pull a vehicle unstuck.

  • Trolley Jack

    Up to 2.5 ton capacity, great for lifting cars and trailers.