Gardening Equipment

  • Wood Splitter

    Vertical Wood Splitter, Fast cycle time and dual handle control, powerful splitter for all tyes of wood

  • Chipper (6")

    A fantasic garden chipper, handles up to 6" branches.

  • Hansa C7 Chipper

    If you own a larger property with lots of trees, the Hansa C7 is perfect, no precutting is necessary and branches flow into the machine by themselves.

  • Liquid Fertiliser Spreader 15 Ltr

    Lawn Boy. Walk behind unit, great for fertilising lawn areas.

  • Fertiliser Spreader - Granulated

    Towable off road only, behind bike or 4 x 4, also good for spreading seed.

  • Firewood Splitter

    Ideal solution for splitting large volumes of firewood quickly and with minimal effort. Easily splits gnarled and knotty wood that an axe couldn't.

  • Hand Tools

    Basic hand held garden equipment - Rake, Spade, Shovel..

  • Hand Tools

    Basic hand held garden equipment - Slasher, Fork, Hoe, Sieve..

  • Hedge Trimmer - Electric

    User friendly hedge trimmer, light and portable with stong blade.

  • Hedge Trimmer - Petrol

    Makes quick work of hedges and shrubs, powerfull and light.

  • Hedge Trimmer - Pole

    Get extra reach with this handy pole trimmer.

  • Lawn Mower - 18"

    Robust & easy to start with sharp blades. This quality mower will save you frustration and give you the satisfaction of a job well done.

  • Lawn Mower - Ride on

    Zero Turn mower with eazy controls, mowing lawns has never been so easy, perfect for larger lawns.

  • Lawn Mower - Self Propelled

    Self-propelled mower can handle inclines or uneven terrain

  • Commercial Zero Turn Rideon Mower

    This mower with its simple controls and comfortable seating is perfect for those larger lawns, orchards.

  • Turf Roller 36" (915mm) Wide

    This Turf Roller is ideal for towing behind Lawn Tractors. The large 160Kgs drum with rounded edges prevents sod gouging on turns.

  • Lawn Roller - Spiked

    Aeration helps keep the soil healthy, allowing water and nutrients to reach the roots.

  • Leaf Blower

    A hand held leaf blower that is perfect for moving those autumn leaves and cleaning up after trimming.

  • Long Arm Pruners

    Reaches hard to get at branches with out the need of a ladder, use a saw or sissor action.

  • Pruning Sheers

    Great for small tidy up pruning jobs.

  • Husqvarna Rotary Hoe TR430

    Walk behind hoe, great for breaking in new ground for garden and lawn.

  • Scrub Cutter

    Cut down scrub and grass with this powerfull hand held tool.

  • Seed Sower - Small

    Ideal for evenly spreading seed or fertiliser over a medium sized area.

  • Seed Sower - Large

    Walk behind sower used to spread seed over large areas in a consistant volume.

  • Stump Grinder

    Removes unsightly stumps and roots by grinding them uderground.

  • Weed Sprayer - Knapsack 15 Ltr

    The backpack sprayer great for spraying jobs that need more coverage.

  • Scarifier/Dethatcher

    The Scarifier removes knotted grasses, weeds & moss.

    Gives your lawn more space to breathe.

  • Weedeater

    Why not use what the professionals use? Commercial grade nylon weedeater. Trim around trees, shrubs and edges with ease.