Building Equipment

  • Acrow Props

    Vertical prop used to temporarily support structures.

  • Bolt Cutters

    Strong cutters that make short work of most steel up to 14mm in diameter.

  • Fibrolite Cutter - Manual

    Speed up your job with the dustless fibrolight cutter, also good for cement board underlay.

  • Gib Board Stand

    Save you back with this gib board hoist, lifts plaster board to your ceiling and holds it in place while you are fixing

  • Hand Truck

    Ideal for moving heavy objects

  • Hole Saw

    Used for cutting holes in panels like ceilings, partical and M.D.F board.

  • Laser Level

    A tool to indicate rises and falls across worksites, indicates level by sounding alarm at receiver so can be used by one person.

  • Petrol Drill

    Strong petrol drill with 13mm chuck, great for driving wood augers through posts, perfect for fencing on the farm or other sites without power.

  • Ramset Gun

    The ultimate masonry fastening gun. Used to fire up to 120mm nails into masonry.

  • Spirit Level

    Essential tool for all builders, used to make sure jobs are level. Can even be used to hang pictures.

  • Steel Bender/Cutter - Manual

    The construction standard reinforcing cutter bender.

  • Bench Saw 9"

    Precision Circular Saw

  • Measuring Wheel

    Quickly measure large areas by walking behind this wheel.

  • Tape Measure 30 - 100 Metre

    Long tape measure capable of measuring 100 to 300 feet.

  • Tarpaulins 6 x 9 Metre

    High quality building tarps used as temporary cover.

  • Wrecking Bar

    Useful as both a breaker and a lever bar, making it ideal for both demolition and as a lifting aid.