Automotive Tools

  • Axle Stand Pair

    For your safety while working under and around a vehicle.

  • Bearing Pullers

    Used to remove bearings off all kinds of shafts.

  • Brake Cylinder Hone

    For deglasing brake cylinders prior to kit replacement.

  • Engine Hoist

    Designed for lifting engines out of cars.

  • Flaring Tool

    For flaring the end of copper brake line tubing.

  • Grease Gun

    Used to dispense grease into grease nipples.

  • Oil Filter Remover

    Adjustable strap for easier removal of spin-off oil filters.

  • Pop Riveter - Hand Grip

    Lightweight riveting jobs.

  • Pop Riveter - Lazy Tong

    Scissor action riveter, for heavier jobs.

  • Socket Set 1/2" Drive

    Ideal for D.I.Y mechanics and home handymen.

  • Spanner 18-24

    Heavy Duty adjustable spanner

  • Torque Wrench

    A manual wrench which incorporates a gauge to indicate the amount of torque transferred to the nut or bolt.

  • Tow Ball

    Tow balls come in either 50mm or 1"7/8".